Myron Berger

I am a creative/copywriter. Currently working
at We Are Blossom, Eindhoven. Also, I play
in a band.

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WAT is Working Apart Together. As we all suddenly started working from home in 2020, many of us experienced that we no longer need to be at the same place to be able to work together successfully. That’s why this campaign, aimed at the SME segment, shows that with Vodafone Business you will always be connected to your colleagues. Wherever you work.

Diss your friends

For once, Snickers turned "You’re not you when you’re hungry" into "Your friends are not themselves when they're hungry" and encouraged teens to call out their friends on their hungry behaviour.


SAN Accent (Smart idea) - Nominated
SpinAward (Digital campaign) - Nominated
Grand Prix Content Marketing (Use of influencers) - Awarded
Grand Prix Content Marketing (Campaign) - Nominated

POV Permission

Both men and women become victims of rape, but women are disproportionately affected by it. Sadly, there’s a lack of awareness amongst young men on consent. How do we make them aware that sex without consent is rape?

By confronting them while they’re about to perform a sexual act themselves.


YoungDogs - Gold

Car filter

The virtual exterior mirrors available on the Audi e-tron deliver all kinds of benefits. Such as this very handy car filter, which was introduced just before April Fool's Day. *wink-wink*

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An ad worth reading

During The Big Event you can receive up to € 2,000 extra trade-in value. Don't have a car to trade in? No biggie, because you may trade-in everything that rolls or drives. Even a wad of paper.

Silence-top bottle

What is Grolsch's iconic swing top without its recognizable pop? That's what this April Fool's joke is all about.


YoungDogs - Gold